Specifications :

Physical state and appearance White crystals or powder
Molecular Weight 84.08
PH (1% soln/water) for all aqueous solutions 7.1
Melting Point C 209 – 212
Solubility 35g/L
Purity % Min 99.5
Moisture Max 0.10%
Ash Content Max 0.05 %
Carbon content Max 200 ppm


1) It is used to produce melamine, and intermediate pans of synthetic drug, pesticides and coloring agents.
2) It is also used to produce guanidine nitrate, sulfanilamide, sulfocarbamide, rubber accelerators, and hardening of steel.
3) It is used as a dye fixing agent.
4) Dicyandiamide is also used in fertilizers.
5) It is also used for extracting thiourea, cellulose nitrate stabilizer, rubber vulcanization accelerator, iron and steel hardening agent, artificial leather padding, and adhesives.